Nelson by Various Artists, including Ellen Lindner, Sarah McIntyre and Gary Northfield.

Part exquisite corpse and part relay race, Nelson spans decades of British history and a myriad of stylistic approaches in telling the story of one womanís life by 54 creators, in 54 episodes, detailing 54 days. The result is a surprising and compellingly readable book that is sad, funny, moving, poignant, ridiculous, heartfelt, and real. This is a story like none you have seen before. Edited by Woodrow Phoenix and Rob Davis, and published by Blank Slate Books.
This book features work by Fleecers Ellen, Gary and Sarah, and can be ordered here. All profits go to UK housing charity Shelter.

Stitch London by Lauren O'Farrell
Want to whip up your own HRH to add a bit of majesty to your mantelpiece? Wish you could foreign currency exchange woolly up your unexciting umbrella? Need to knit some little London landmarks? Totally tired of your tea getting tepid? Whether youíre just visiting or striving to survive as a city knitter, Stitch London is the place for you.
Stitch London is a collection of 20+ of Lauren's kookiest London-themed patterns in one shiny book. Itís her first ever pattern book and it tangles together the her two great loves: kooky knitting and the lovely pigeon-filled city of London.
The book also contain instructions on how to knit and a free pigeon-knitting kit with every copy! Coo!

You Can't Scare a Princess! written by Gillian Rogerson, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre.
Princess Spaghetti and her royal father King Cupcake are playing in the palace garden when a pirate ship arrives... and the scurvy crew want to take their treasure! Can feisty Princess Spaghett save the day? If you like this story, get set for an alien invasion in 'You Can't Eat a Princess!'

Vern and Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre.
Welcome to Pickle Rye, home of best friends Lettuce the rabbit and Vern the sheep. Join them for baking, birthdays, bunny-sitting and a quest for fame in the big city! Vern and Lettuce reach for the stars, but danger is lurking just beneath their feet... Furry escapades in comics from the DFC Library, as seen in The Guardian newspaper.

Derek the Sheep by Gary Northfield.
A day in the life of Derek the Sheep is no forage in the field. Oh no. It's flippin' hard work, what with all those other pesky animals on the farm! Wherever Derek might be or whatever he might be up to, you can be sure there's something for him to get his wool in a twist about. But the cantankerous Derek is also not one to miss an opportunity - especially if it means more juicy grass - and brought here are a collection of some of Derek's most heroically daft adventures to be enjoyed time and again by one and all.

The Strumpet by Various Artists, edited by Ellen Lindner.
The Strumpet is a brand-new comic from the creators of Whores of Mensa, featuring work by Jeremy Day, Mardou, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, Tanya Meditzky, Emily Ryan Lerner, and many more.